We are a multifaceted public agency whose mission is to design, build, and maintain the safest, most efficient roadway network possible for the citizens of Butler County. Covering all aspects of road and highway transportation, GIS/ tax mapping, and commercial and subdivision development services, the BCEO promotes safety, efficiency, and economic development.

The successful improvements to our transportation infrastructure continue to be an integral part of growing the economy in our communities and townships. However, while roundabouts and Diverging Diamond Interchanges are important to fulfilling our mission, the most important thing we do is hire good people. With the right people, if we think it, we can do it. The Butler County Engineer’s Office functions as a cohesive team, collaborating and learning from each other and therefore, soundly executing projects and services for Butler County motorists. We are looking to hire motivated people who are excited to work as an empowered employee in a positive environment – join us and pave your career path to a satisfying future!

We've proudly served Butler Countians, making transportation safer and more efficient, since 1932. Let’s continue the tradition of quality public service together.